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Shakugan no Shana for windows 7 computer themes

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free Shakugan no Shana for windows 7 computer themes
size: 27 mb
Author : Matniky
Author’s Notes:
Happy New year everyone! This is the the 2nd out of 5 new year presents I will be uploading today, this one is based off a anime called shakugan no shana, that Ive been wanting to theme for awhile now but hvent had the chance to finish it. Well its now complete ^-^.

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To use this theme it is rather simple:

1. Download and install Uxtheme multi patcher

2. restart your computer

3. Extract the files provided onto the desktop and place them in the directory "C:WindowsResourcesThemes".

4. Right click on you're desktop, Go into personalize and you will find the theme ready to be applied.

5. if you're computer theme becomes gray, please reinstall UXtheme multipatcher and restart your computer.

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