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Breeze for Win 7 themes

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free Breeze for Win 7 themes download
size: 313 kb
Author: TomRichter
Author’s Notes:
Folks, I am happy to give my new minimal skin.
As some may remember I created the Breeze couple years ago.
This one is brand new and made from the scratch to be a perfect match with wb7.

There are two substyles depending on the startbutton.

Special thanks to this team now working on addons:
neone6, WebGizmos, RedneckDude and Uvah.

These addons will be available on wincustomize only.

They should be coming with sysmetrix, cursors, object docs and suite.

... to Karmat for testing and Seth for a wonderful start button idea.

Wallpapers link here :
wall1 [link]
wall 2 [link]

Hope you like it.


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