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Windows 7 Logon - Aurora Style

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Windows 7 Logon - Aurora Style for windows xp themes freedownload

A New Look for Windows 7

FOR WINDOWS x86 (32) You Must Used This Patch intead the ONe i Have in the ZIP File [link]

There 11 Files Include inside the ZIP document.

How to Install:
1. Make sure not application are running.
2. Install InstallTakeOwnership.reg ( double click, click on RUN, then click YES, and OK)
3. Then Browse to Your Local Drive (Normally is C
4. Open Windows
5. Click or Open System32
6. Look for authui.dll.
7. Right Click, and choose Take Ownership.
8. Then Rename the file, like authui.dll TO authui.dll-OLD
9. Copy authui.dll from the zip file to your system32 folder
10. Open and Run as administrator logon bg changer.exe
11. And choose wallpaper.jpg as your wallpaper.

EXTRA for the User Frame Picture

download app from here [link]
1. Open Windows 7 User Picture Frame Changer.exe as administrator
2. Choose change user picture
3. Browse your directory until you find lucid.bmp
4. Double click to select the picture
5. And follow the screen instructions.

EXTRA for the Windows Orb
download app here: [link]

1. Open the folder Orb
2. And follow instructions.

Note: please make sure to credited me and link back to me or my site at [link]

Credits: for the wallpaper ([link] )

Orb: [link]

User Picture Frame Changer: [link]

I Have attached full instructions inside the file plus some extra features.

Visit my Previews Windows 7 Logon : [link]

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