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Vista Royale v0.1

Posted by admin on 2011-06-04 15:35 Published / Views Click

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This is the first release of my theme for Vista which is to make it look like the old Windows XP theme called "Royale"

The original Royale theme was made by Microsoft for Windows XP, and I've brought it to Vista

First off THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY ON THIS THEME, either with basic or aero skin, so if you're looking for transparency you won't find it here

Here's what has been changed so far:

-Start Button


-Start Menu

-Window Borders



-Running application buttons in the taskbar

-Forward/Back Buttons

-Close, Min, Max buttons

-Shutdown, logoff, restart, lock etc.. in the startmenu buttons

Things like login screen, Winver, branding etc.. will be added in later releases.

It includes a Basic and a Aero (no transparency) skin, and they are both basically the same. Oh and the reason the buttons are still Vista like is because it is hard to really change them too much because Vista is set to draw them to a specific location on the window from a file called "stream.png" (think of it as a tile of images, such a sprite tiles that the image HAS to be in a certain location in the image or it wont be drawn) so I cant change the buttons that much until I find a way to change the locations.

Well anyways enjoy the skin, a bit of XP brought to Vista (because I was bored )

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