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DIM mouse cursors

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DIM mouse cursors free download
size: 356 kb
Author: theblueguy07
Author’s Notes:
Haaa lame preview again (and name)  I really suck at advertising, lol
Anyway, my third cursor! Yayay! 

It took me quite a while to finish this little babe; thinking of animation, polishing the graphics and stuffs. So I hope you'll like it 
It's a full set, with easy-installer, so you could install it with few clicks.

If you're a noob and doesn't know how to install stuff like this, watch the video tutorial here: [link]

This is free, so you could repay me by ing it. I'll apreciate it

I Hope you like it! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
You can support me by donating points! I'll appreciate it immensely!

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