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Toxic for Windows 10 TH2 AKA

Posted by admin on 2016-06-12 09:55 Published / Views Click

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Toxic for Windows 10 TH2 AKA

I decided to do a revised version for Windows 10 of the Toxic theme for Windows 8.1 by Mr GRiM.
This theme was fully imported using Mr GRiM's custom import scripts and features modifications to the caption buttons, immersive context menus fixes, start menu, and system tray clock background image (I discovered after taking a look at the Blade theme that I had missed an image, not sure how many other themes have this missing but probably quite a few). I'm aware there's a semi-transparent layer under the caption buttons, I haven't been able to remove it.
Theme Includes
custom sound pack
custom cursors
explorer frame images
start button
image res icons
shell32 images

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