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Ultimate Clean 8 version 2 for win8 theme

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free Ultimate Clean 8 version 2 for win8 theme download
size: 3.9 mb
Author: gsw953onDA
Author’s Notes:
Here is an updated version of Ultimate Clean for windows 8
This update changes a few things and adds a couple of new options
The changes are:
Caption Buttons are no longer hover only-this was a request from ~SCORPION-008
For those that like to leave the Ribbon enabled,I changed it to have a black background
And lastly,I was finding it annoying when going to the first icon in the Taskbar and accidentally
activating the hot corner for the Start Page.So I moved the first icon over a bit.

Now the new options
You can now have the skull image in the Explorer background.
To get this to work you will have to change your ExplorerFrame.dll to the included
patched one.This is for 64 bit only.Also if you use Ribbon Disabler you will need to
re-enable the ribbon BEFORE changing the ExplorerFrame.dll's.You can disable it again
after you change them and have restarted your system.
As with changing any system files make sure you have a proper backup before you begin.

The other new option is Ultimate Clean High Contrast mode.
If you were a dark theme user on Windows 7 you will already know that sometime you
will encounter black text on black backgrounds.
Switching to the high contrast mode seem to fix this.If you have this set up properly
you will be able to quickly switch between normal high contrast mode with a keyboard shortcut
Instructions on this are included.The high contrast theme is very usable on it's own,the main difference
is the Start Page is black with no image and some windows will have basic buttons and scrollbars.

I think that's it
Except I have stopped including the shell32.dll's in the theme download.
The reason for this is because Microsoft has been updating it monthly,so I
think it is easy just to provide a link to my current version instead of having
to update all my themes monthly
So here is the link to the newest version I have-1654748(64 bit only)

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