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Lebis v1.1 for windows xp themes

Posted by admin on 2011-06-19 18:40 Published / Views Click

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free Lebis v1.1 for windows xp themes download
Presenting Lebis v1.1

Worked long on this update (for some people too long), so to make things faster :
- 3 colours (chocolate, black ,blue).
- 2 Styles (flat and gloss).
- Lots of updates , fixes and improvements. (that was quick XD)

Also I must thank a lot to Gelosea  for all the help he gave me, all the advices, all the checking and testing, and for all troubles I gave Him. Thanks, a lot, keep up good work on your theme (all the people who know Emico probably know what I mean) and have good luck.

If you like this theme please  . And for all one last word. Yep this theme looks like that. That window is just made from things from this theme.

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