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Visinti - Vista VS for xp themes

Posted by admin on 2011-06-19 18:37 Published / Views Click

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Visinti - Vista VS for xp themes
Visinti is a visual style aimed for people who can't run Aero or likes the standard UI of Vista(like me; 8800GTS 640, C2D E6600 and 2048mb PC6400, yet I don't use DWM ). Ofcourse it works on an Aerofied desktop, but yeah...
There's not much of any change here because I just wanted to have a taskbar and startpanel that actually fit the standard UI of Vista(blue windows with black taskbar? Tacky...), but I think it came out fairly good.

I would do more to polish it and maybe add some new minimize/maximize buttons, but I'm leaving for 2 weeks, so I have to get packing.

Content of the boring readme no one reads( ):

This isn't much of a full visual style as it is a new taskbar+startmenu.
I was planing on finishin it as I have the whole theme in a template in Photoshop, but I'm leaving for 2 weeks.

Hopefully someone won't mind. I just felt the need of a skin that wasn't a reskin of Longhorn(yeah, skin/taskbar/start menu. ).

Long live the taskbars!


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