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AEROSOL v1.01 themes windows xp

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AEROSOL v1.01 themes windows xp

The package includes two skins, without much mutual difference. The second one just has some fonts with different colors to cater to different tastes.

The "UIS2 border buttons" part was a bit confusing for a beginner like me, hence I have edited out the images of ORANGE skin by HSN.I extend my thanks to him.

To get a good interface going, use FindeXer Knightly with Icon sizes of 16 pixels and a light Grey Background.

Desktop Icons may preferably be kept aligned either to the right or to the top of your screen for a better look.

Again, you must use the styler toolbar provided in the folder to get a nice toolbar interface.

Lastly, I would like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting me.

EDIT: Working fine on Larger screen resolutions now!!


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