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Vista 2.3- Back To Basics

Posted by admin on 2011-05-25 15:38 Published / Views Click

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free Vista 2.3- Back To Basics for windows xp desktop themes
by ~jemaho
There you go, RC1 is out, so is now the 2.3 update of the skin, a special update where I've been going on what people were wanting in it, just check below...

Version 2.3

- You wanted back the possibility of changing the user picture: Done
- You wanted the logoff/shutdown buttons at their respective place for XP: Done
- You wanted the possibility to use fully the basic skin for non supported graphic card: Done, it's re-added for 32 and 48px startmenu
- You wanted a lighter Glass window: Done, the Glass effect has been changed:
It now has 2 states with different shadows (large active/ small inactive) and outline (blue active/white inactive)
- Also fixed icon/tile bug in the styler skins
- New flash button
- Improved shellstyle
- New taskbar buttons
- ...and some bug fixes, at least I hope...

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