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Worms Pointers windows cursors

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free Worms Pointers windows cursors download
My original cursor insert up ever.. Altough i understand i could make them
nicer, i find the cursors cool. i am specifically pleased by one animated cursor " occupied ".

Just unzip the folder, as well as in condition you have a tendency to not comprehend the way in which you can "install" the cursors, there're two guides within the zip explaining how.

The cursors, when you may noticed, may effectively be considered a little bit huge and ungainly, but in condition you such as the cartoony and wormlike cursors, then why not obtain them?

( The small sizing seem at is real sizing while using cursors )

Edit: additional 32x32 pixel cursors and some new scaled-down ones
( they might be considered a little bit substantially more blurry )
Worms © Team17 Software, Team17 software applications and Worms are trademarks or registered trademarks of Team17 software applications Limited. real idea Andy Davidson. © Sega Corporation.

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